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For a long time it has been suggested that Iron Age burials were superficially invisible structures, and not monumental, meaning that the burials are difficult to find.

In fact, these settlements are so specific to this time period that they have given their name to the archaeological culture we are concerned with: .

However, the above-mentioned intensive field surveys and archaeological monitoring of public construction projects have not provided any evidence to support this theory.

In fact, some examples of unfortified settlements are known with indigenous archaeological material, similar or identical to that found in hillforts, although at the moment none appear to date earlier than the end of the first century AD (see Aboal and Cobas 1999; Aboal and Parcero 1999; Ayán et al.

Alonso del Real who said of its people: "they lived, but did not die" (Alonso 1991).

No burial site has been found to date belonging to any of the stages of the Iron Age.

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