Dating my bosss daughter

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Then I apologized and told him that I was completely in the wrong to insinuate that about his daughter. He said he understood where that comment came from and that (remarkably) he didn’t take it personally. Thankfully, no other coworkers were within earshot (this happened in a conference room while waiting for some other coworkers to join us), and I don’t work with clients or customers anyway. I thought the word was normal and commonly used, because that’s how it was at home (the exact quote I blurted out was screamed at me countless times at home and I was called a whore several times a day by my teachers). To all of those saying my behavior is not Christian or that I am not a “true Christian”: I am well aware that Jesus was a friend of prostitutes, but Jesus is not all there is to Christianity. Also, I just wanted to say, I did not feel attacked at all by the comments. It appears some commenters think criticism of Christianity is an “attack” or “bashing,” but this is not so. I’m sorry you had that word screamed at you ever, let alone so frequently — that’s horrible and must have been a very difficult way to grow up.” She replied: “It was a difficult way to grow up *at the time*, but it kept me in line, and thus led me to become a better adult. (But we’ll probably disagree on that.)” While I do indeed disagree, I am deeply impressed with letter-writers who handle disagreement from a mob of strangers with this much grace.

To this day, I hear the word used at least weekly outside of work. I still think dating is immoral, but there is no need to use such harsh language. Criticism of beliefs is alright, and in this case it was much needed. A while after this post published, I removed a line from the letter-writer’s update about “sexual deviancy” that seems to refer to LGBTQ people and others.

Boss died in 1948, but his business has lived on, albeit still stained by its association with Nazism.

In 1999, the company finally agreed to contribute to a fund that compensated former forced labourers.

He joined the Nazi Party and was given the relatively low membership number of 508,889.

Boss’s reasons for becoming a Nazi comparatively early were twofold.

He always goes around threatening people.'He has done this to me before but I've always shrugged them off.

Although his motivation for trying to save her isn’t clear, he did seem to feel some responsibility for his workforce.

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First, as a businessman, it made commercial sense, as it made it easier for Boss to win contracts from the Nazis who were increasingly coming to dominate every aspect of German life. There were certainly better men who refused to do business with the Party, but though Boss was happy to sign contracts with them, he was not a rabid Nazi. Partly thanks to his membership of the party, the Nazis were good to Boss.

By 1933, he was able to advertise that he made clothes not only for the SS, but also for the Hitler Youth and the Brownshirts — the paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party. ‘There was no special treatment for children and pregnant women,’ she says, ‘and there was no way to visit a doctor.

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