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To this fact may be attributed the persevering interest he has taken in my behalf.

They belonged to a family by the name of Northup, one of whom, removing to the State of New York, settled at Hoosic, in Rensselaer county. On the death of this gentleman, which must have occurred some fifty years ago, my father became free, having been emancipated by a direction in his will. Northup, Esq., of Sandy Hill, a distinguished counselor at law, and the man to whom, under Providence, I am indebted for my present liberty, and my return to the society of my wife and children, is a relative of the family in which my forefathers were thus held to service, and from which they took the name I bear.

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Though born a slave, and laboring under the disadvantages to which my unfortunate race is subjected, my father was a man respected for his industry and integrity, as many now living, who well remember him, are ready to testify.

She is not able to determine the exact line of her descent, but the blood of three races mingles in her veins.

Arrival at Norfolk—Frederick and Maria—Arthur, the Freeman—Appointed Steward—Jim, Cuffee, and Jenny—The Storm—Bahama Banks—The Calm—The Conspiracy—The Long Boat—The Small-Pox—Death of Robert—Manning, the Sailor—The Meeting in the Forecastle—The Letter— Arrival At New-Orleans—Arthur's Rescue—Theophilus Free- man, the Consignee—Platt—First Night in the New-Orleans Slave Pen, . Anne still holds in grateful remembrance the exceeding kindness and the excellent counsels of that good man.

Wines—Art—Partial Recovery—Failure at Cotton Picking—What may be heard on Epps' Plantation —Lashes Graduated—Epps in a Whipping Mood— Epps in a Dancing Mood—Description of the Dance—Loss of Rest no Excuse—Epps' Characteristics—Jim Burns—Removal from Huff Power to Bayou Boeuf—Description of Uncle Abram; of Wiley; of Aunt Phebe; of Bob, Henry, and Edward; of Patsey; with a Genealogical Account of each—Something of their Past History, and Peculiar Characteristics —Jealousy and Lust—Patsey, the Victim, . The latter is still living in the county of Oswego, near the city of that name; my mother died during the period of my captivity.

He left a widow and two children —myself, and Joseph, an elder brother.

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