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I duly go to the counter, pay the compound, take my receipt, and continue with my life. Same thing anywhere on this planet.- Bottom line: I broke a traffic code, I got busted, I faced it like a man. You tell the world that Malaysia is undemocratic, but you partake in the democratic process Lets go back to Robin’s case:-They break the law – by speeding. They break the law – by depriving the nation of this “social revenue.”They break the law …. by speeding away in disgust after the They break the law -- by spewing seditious spins to the above stories for all the world to read.

It appears that the problem is even more serious as the matter has been brought before parliament.

He agreed.- I told Robin that he could always accept the ticket and pay the full fine. No wonder Robin can splash on many of life's comforts while bribing his way through the fast lane of the Rat Race.- I told Robin, I’ve never bribed a policeman in my life.

When I get pulled over for speeding, two possibilities ensued: The policeman either gives me a verbal warning which I accept quietly; or the policeman gives me a speeding ticket, which again I accept quietly. I told Robin of my rule of thumb when I get pulled over anywhere on earth: When the cop starts to write a ticket, just shut the fxxk up. In fact, when it comes to the LAPD, you better not twitch lest Officer Tweedledumb might suddenly discharge his Glock 22 .40 caliber in your pretty face.- Within the 30-day compound period, I would make my way to the district traffic police headquarters to plead for a reduction in the compound, and usually the RM300 goes down to RM80.

This all set Unspun‘s head spinning about Malaysian culture and how sometimes Malaysia goes so hard to create a culture of its own that the results become ersatz.

Consider, for instance, what sometimes happens when Malaysians get an invitation to attend a formal Malaysian occasion: The dress code is usually specified as “Malaysian Batik.” Not just any batik but “Malaysian Batik. Unspun is no authority on musicology and would like to hear from any authoritative persons out there.

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