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High frequency means transit is coming soon, which means that it approximates the feeling of liberty you have with your private vehicle – that you can go anytime. At the opposite extreme, if you live in a single family house with a driveway and usually get around by car, imagine that there were an automated gate at the end of your driveway that only opened once an hour, on the hour.

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The objective, instead, is to satisfy (a) and/or (b) above.

In democracies, whoever makes the decisions for a transit authority is accountable to voters.

These officials listen to their constituents, and sometimes decide that to some degree, low-ridership services are necessary and important.

We don’t describe this situation as Mc Donalds being to rural folks, because we know Mc Donalds is a business doing what businesses do.

Businesses deploy their product or service where it will succeed.

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