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Bicycle Day Four friends embark on a camping trip in the Yorkshire countryside, only to have their trip turned upside down after being spiked with a concentrated dosage of lysergic acid dythalamide, commonly known as L. Sahkanaga A teenager in rural Georgia stumbles upon a gruesome discovery in the woods, and the fabric of his life unravels as he suffers the secret.

Mean World Theory A TV-obsessed media junkie is the victim of a crime and begins to blur the lines between reality and the world behind the screen. In the small town of Spreading Eagle, high school wrestler Francis Frances sets out to defeat his arch nemesis Pratt Payne and win the county wrestling title.

Gungrave A murdered crime syndicate member returns from beyond the grave to avenge his death.

The Hunted An assassin in his 20s refuses to kill a young girl and goes on the run from her bodyguards and the man who trained him.

The Jig While waiting for his boss to give him the go ahead, a hit man and his hostage put together a jigsaw puzzle and try to outwit each other.

Melancholia Two sisters find their relationship challenged as a nearby planet threatens to collide into the Earth. Inherit the Dust When a single mother follows her deceased father's partner to Wyoming to find the gold mine willed to them...

Shewi Hisab While traveling through Kurdistan, Flute player Jeladet is caught in an army ambush. Felina and the Master of Darkness When she was only 5 years old, little Felina fell in a mysterious and secret Egyptian tomb. Echelon Vendetta A CIA "cleaner" investigates the deaths of several agents after his friend dies under mysterious circumstances. The Fateful Pattern Set in the 1950s, this is the tragic story of an young English businessman who meets a mysterious and beguiling Turkish carpet designer.

Bel Ami A chronicle of a young man's rise to power in Paris via his manipulation of the city's most influential and wealthy women. Untitled Hunter Scott Project A 12-year-old boy working a school project unearths crucial information about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis... Severance Package The CEO of a bankrupt financial company comes up with an unusual plan to get rid of his employees: killing them.Listen A man is haunted by his dark past when he hears the desperate prayers of those whose lives he inadvertently changed forever.El Compromiso Federico, shaped by a generation that believed it possible to bring about utopia, tries to survive the changes of the 21st century... Paranormal Camcorder With: Chris Smith, Dan Finkel, Katie Heeran 115 mins. Bully Pulpit Centers around a mysterious retaliation against bullies in a high school.Prisoner of Tehran A 16 year old Christian girl is forced in 1982 to convert to Islam and marry a prison guard who rescued her from an Iranian firing squad. The king of YEMEN, KURAIB is growing old and wants one of his three sons to take over his kingdom... Miss Meadows This dark comedy follows a very prim and proper substitute teacher, who works around the law to rid the neighborhood of criminals.Methuselah An action/adventure story centered on a 1,000-year-old man who has used his time on the planet to develop an unparalleled set of survival skills.

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