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However, the real distinguishing element of our olive grove than those of surrounding properties and other estates in Apulia is definitely the variety of olives grown.If 25 years ago there were only secular and ancient olive trees of the family of “pugliarola Salento”, today we are proud to count as many as 15 different types of olives.

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Al contrario di ciò che la gente maggiormente crede, il così detto TS Dating non è così complicato quando sai come funziona.

Each specimen, renamed and marked, was then geo localized so that it could no longer be uprooted and eventually implanted in a very suitable place for its survival.

Geolocation it’ s also necessary in order to be able to go back to their position in case of fires or adverse natural phenomena.

A story that began 25 years ago, when Armando and Rosalba Balestrazzi came for the first time at this farm in Ostuni.

At the time, around the ancient olive trees that characterize the estate there was no protection, so the couple had the wonderful idea to create a new project called “Adopt an olive tree“.

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